The Interteddi is a community partnership team that builds sustainable alliances between academic researchers, rehabilitation centers for intellectual disabilities, health, and social and better advancement in health solutions using technology.

People with intellectual disabilities (IDDs) or pervasive developmental disorders (PDDs) evolve in different sectors of society and interact with the people, structures and processes that make them up.  In order to participate actively in society and exercise their full rights, it may be essential for people with IDD or PDD to have special support. Specialized adaptation-rehabilitation services may be required at certain stages of their lives. Advocacy, training or consultation / liaison activities may also be required to enable other service systems to adapt to their characteristics and needs. It was on the basis of these considerations that the team “Interteddi” was set up.

Now the community is coming up with new measures on how we can incorporate technology for better health solutions.  The research projects included in the team’s programming address issues where more than one sector is involved or which involve several levels of intervention within the same sector. For each research, special attention is paid to ethical dimensions and promotion of rights. Projects may also address them specifically.

Depending on the state of knowledge available, the objectives of the research carried out correspond to one or other of the stages of implementation of public policies, namely:

  1. Document the questions;
  2. Develop and propose solutions;
  3. Experiment and evaluate these solutions;
  4. Support the implementation of results and the development of research;
  5. Foster knowledge transfer with the community.

As such, the team devotes a significant part of its resources to disseminating, transferring and enhancing the results of its research. Contact us for more info on how we can help incorporate technology for health solutions.